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Board Members

2022-2023 CCCR Board Members and Advisors

President: Jessica Bartnick

Vice President & Chaplain: Adam Rizzieri

Secretary: Shelby Johnston

Treasurer: Ed Rowen

Communications: Sheila Patterson

Membership: Sena Naas & Jan Lohmann

Sponsorship Chairs: Ed Rowen & Gary Cary

Legislative Liaison: Srini Raghaven

Member Engagement: Mio Martinovic

Digital Marketing Chair: Jason Zelovics

Parliamentarian: Jim Herblin

Advisors: Cassidy Johnston, Jensen John, Rickey Williams

Ready to get involved?

CCCR counts among its membership virtually every elected official in the county and is one of the only Republican clubs in Collin County that vets and endorses candidates at the city, county, and state-wide level.